Are you ready to finally
give yourself a break
as a working mom?

Excuse me.
Don't I know you?

You're the working mom who "has it all". Or at least you appear to. A great family - check. Significant other - check. Kids - check. Friends - check. A good job - check. You've checked all of the boxes, but you still feel like you're coming up short. You feel empty and exhausted from trying to do and have it all.

Well, I have some news for you. You don't have to do or try to be everything to everyone. The idea of a perfect mom, spouse, worker bee, friend, daughter, etc. doesn't exist. There's no way in hell to perfect everything in life. Believe me, I've tried. And you know what it got me? A one-way ticket to postpartum depression, anxiety and work burnout.

Want the good news? There's a better way. You don't have to be perfect all the time. You can create a place in your life for self-compassion. Space for self-care. And hacks for being more efficient and effective with your time and your energy.

If you're interested in joining a real tribe of women who are looking for a different way to live and work, join us.

I know you because I'm right there with you.

Yeah, you’re that mom. The mom hustling to do it all. The perfectionist who can’t live up to her own standards at home or at work. The critic who points out all the failures, never the victories. The smiling face that can’t enjoy her own life. The go-getter who doesn’t know what she wants.

Yes, I know you I'm right there with you. 

So, who am I?

I’m the woman who's passionate about helping you stop feeling like crap as a working mom - once and for all. I'm committed to giving you the resources you need to stand powerfully in your roles as a professional and a mother.

about me

I’m Jen Pestikas, a professional in the financial industry by day and an iPEC certified life and accountability coach by night. I specialize in helping working moms just like you reach their professional and personal potential and feel awesome doing it. All so you can achieve the most important thing of all — a happy and rewarding life.

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My Story


In 2011, my first daughter, Charlotte, was born. And so was the inner conflict that changed by life.

You see, at that time everything was fine. (OK, not really, but just go with it.) I had a loving husband. A beautiful, healthy baby girl. And a fast-growing career in financial services. But I also had something else: the illusion that I could — or even should — control it all. This led to unrealistic goals I couldn’t reach, self-imposed pressure I couldn’t endure and, quite simply, pain that I didn’t deserve. I later learned that I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety for two years after my daughter was born and I'm still recovering 6+ years later.

The silver lining from this struggle was that I had a deep desire to no longer just create the outward appearance of everything being fine. I truly wanted to stop feeling like crap and to release the guilt of enjoying my roles as a mom and as a professional. I knew there had to be a better way.

So, I sought the help of a life coach. Together, we uncovered and faced the issues crippling my world: vulnerability, perfectionism, shame and unworthiness. She helped me step into who I wanted to be, not who I thought I should be.

The result? Well, I still have a loving husband. A beautiful, healthy not-so-baby girl and a new baby girl named Olivia. And a continued career in financial services. But I also have this: the ability to truly enjoy my own life on my terms. 

It’s my own journey that has inspired me to help working moms unlock their own potential — and enjoy the happiness that comes with it.


What's IPEC?

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) is recognized worldwide as the gold standard for life coaching teaching certification. Its rigorous teaching methodology is based on 30 years of research and real-world success stories.

Work with me

Whether you have one simple goal — or a life or career in need of change — How Winning Is Done will deliver. And while no two working moms are alike, I assure you the outcome of your journey will be, in the form of better well-being in life and work, increased confidence, greater productivity and the satisfaction that comes with reaching goals too long left unrealized.


the small win

the big win

this program is for

This program is for women who have a deep desire to make big changes in their lives. We take a step back and look at where you are in your life, the issues you’re facing and what blocks you from obtaining a winning life and career. Together, we’ll then determine what you want out of your life, then set the appropriate goals and plan to get you there!

Duration: 12 weeks

What does it include?

1. 30-minute complimentary consultation

2. Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment — an attitudinal assessment to get clarity on where you are in your life and career now

3. 12 individual 60-minute coaching sessions

4. Values assessment to determine if your decisions are in alignment with your life and career 

5. Recorded calls provided after each session

this program is for

Someone who isn't ready for a bigger coaching commitment, wants to laser focus on a specific issue or decision, or needs that push to bust through some block or resistance in her life or career.

Duration: 4 weeks

(Clients may request additional a la carte coaching sessions with this package.)

what does it include?

1. 30-minute initial complimentary consultation

2. Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment — an attitudinal assessment to get clarity on where you are in your life and career now

3. 4 individual 60-minute coaching sessions with a laser focus on your needs

4. Recorded calls provided after each session

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